Application Development

  • Custom Internet Applications

    With Tidal Media Group, clients obtain coherent, thorough services that help companies fully leverage their strength and potential on the Internet. To achieve this, our strategy, technology, and design teams create a dynamic solution for each client with a unified vision that ensures lasting competitive advantages.

    The following are just a sample of the types of applications we can build for you:

    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • E-commerce
    • Secured Extranet and Intranet Development
    • Real Estate MLS Solutions
    • Automated Notification Systems
    • Dynamic and Searchable FAQ
    • Email Manager
    • Product Configurators
  • Rich Internet Applications

    Today's users have come to expect a truly engaging experience online. We are able to deliver rich, interactive applications that deliver the information users need in an experience they will enjoy. Leveraging the open source Flex application framework, we can efficiently create expressive, high quality data-driven applications that will build customer loyalty and increase brand value. Whether deployed on the web via the ubiquitous Flash Player, or as a cross-platform desktop application via the AIR runtime, rich internet applications deliver the next level of user interaction.

    Here are just a few types of RIAs we can create for you:

    • Interactive Data Visualizations
    • Rich Forms Applications
    • Streaming Media Players
    • Administrative Dashboards
    • Dynamic Product Configurators
    • Engaging Mashups
    • Desktop Widgets