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What is a Spear Phishing attack and How Can it be Prevented?

Email scams and fraud have been around since the inception of email. Due to this, security has become more advanced and email users more aware of potential threats. As a result, hackers and spammers have become more sophisticated. Read on to learn about what is a spear phishing attack and how to prevent it.  What is a Spear Phishing Attack? Spear phishing is a form of cyber–attack […]

Why CMS Updates are Important

A website is an important investment for a business. Safeguard your investment by making sure needed CMS updates are performed. Read on to learn what a CMS is, why it needs to be updated and the benefits of utilizing a professional to do these updates. What is a CMS (Content Management System)? A Content Management […]

The Benefits of a CDN

A CDN, otherwise known as a Content Delivery Network, allows for improved security and website performance. Below we outline what it is, and the benefits of a CDN. What is a Content Delivery Network? A CDN is a service that allows websites to load faster while providing many other benefits. A CDN  is a network […]

The Benefits of an SSL

It may not seem like a little “s” at the beginning of a URL would make a big impact, but it does. Read more to find out why this little letter can help you better reach your audience and build consumer confidence. What is an SSL? An SSL is an extra layer of security that […]