Web Hosting

  • Shared Hosting

    Tidal Media Group offers a superior choice in Web Hosting combining great plans with undeniable value. Our purpose is to help our customer's business be a successful one. We can accommodate your critical website needs, offering hosting plans on both Linux and Windows platforms. Our servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers that offer 24 hour monitoring and back up sources. We will help each customer determine their hosting needs by helping to determine the purpose, scope, and technical requirements the website will need.

    We support Windows and Linux servers running Apache and IIS web servers running ColdFusion, ASP/ASP.NET, and PHP with MS SQL Server and MySQL database servers.

    The Facility

    • Redundant HVAC with zoned layout for improved circulation
    • Inergen Fire Suppression with compartmentalized approach to avoid an unnecessary release of the entire system
    • Bell Corp standard facility shared with a fully function CLASS 5 Nortel DMS switch
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) standard for all co-location packages
    • Back-up generators for extended loss of commercial power
    • 24x7 Monitored security system
    • 24x7 Monitored and taped video surveillance
    • 24x7 Access via proximity card and personalized locked cabinet

  • IP Connectivity
    • Virtually no oversubscription on the backbone (average of about 15% usage at peak)
    • 99.999% uptime on the backbone
    • BGP Routing to multiple Tier 1 providers (UUNET, CerfNet/AT&T, InterNap, Global Crossing, Cogent and MCI/WorldCom
    • Redundant optical backbone connections with separate pole / underground routes
    • Port statistics available by request or via FTP


    • Premium IP connectivity and co-lo space tailored toward companies that demand a rock solid facility and a completely redundant IP connection
    • 24x7 technical support and assistance
    • Proven track record with some of the Northeast's most demanding co-location users (PanAm, Nike Bauer, Global Crossing, etc.)
    • Scalable solutions for growing or static organizations
    • Fiber & Telco network allows for easy access to additional services such as PRI, dark fiber, point-to-point T1's or DS3's
    • Over 100 years of telecommunications experience in Northern New England

  • More Hosting Services

    • Dedicated Hosting - Call for info/pricing
    • Colocation - Call for info/pricing