Inbound Marketing Strategy

Social Media, Blogs, Newsletters, etc.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a marketing methodology that provides your audience with valuable content that is tailored to them via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and branding.  Things such as company sponsored newsletters, blogs and entries on multiple social media platforms that drive potential clients to your website are examples of inbound marketing.

Unlike outbound marketing (cold calling or emailing), inbound marketing does not interrupt the customer with unwanted messaging. Instead, it focuses on creating and maintaining a relationship with customers, that allows them to solve problems they have.

Why You Need Inbound Marketing

  • Help to demonstrate ROI on Digital Marketing (which many businesses struggle to quantify)
  • Qualify leads (so the sales process is smoother)
  • Increase website traffic and visibility
  • Enhance communications with your clients


Get found by potential clients, where your clients spend their time digitally when they are ready to engage.


Aligning your solutions with their pain points to show how you are the best solution.


Continue to further enhance relationship with your clients by supporting them after a purchase has been made.

Hubspot Solutions Partner

While we can offer our inbound services without utilizing Hubspot (they are pretty much the creators of Inbound), Tidal Media is proud to be a Hubspot Solutions Partner. This means we can help you to create, implement, and refine a custom inbound marketing strategy for your company utilizing the knowledge,  and tools behind the Hubspot Inbound methodology.

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