IT Security

Network Security

Tidal Media Group offers you perimeter security through firewalls that protect against malware, and intrusion. From one console you can gather reports and audits, as well as real-time traffic visualization from multiple appliances.

Email Security

Email threats from viruses, zombies, phishing, and spam are a serious issue for organizations. With Tidal Media Group’s email security you can rest assured that these threats will be controlled. In addition, our email security options will allow you to be sure that all emails sent from your organization are meeting compliances and mandates. Sensitive and confidential information being sent and received via email is securely exchanged. All mailboxes for your organization can be audited and controls accessed to avoid violations.

Mobile & Endpoint Security

With more people working from mobile devices whether it’s phone or tablet security for these devices has become a necessity. Tidal Media Group’s Mobile and Endpoint Security offers you solutions to protect devices, data, and networks while on the go. Our security offerings are easy to use and transparent all while enhancing the end user’s experience.

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