Web Hosting

Your superior choice in website hosting, combining great plans with undeniable value. 

Hosting Options

Our purpose is to help our customer’s business be a successful one.  We can accommodate your critical website needs, offering hosting plans on both Linux and Windows platforms.  We offer customizable website hosting that can be best matched to suit your unique website needs.  

Shared Hosting

The most affordable form of web hosting, where your site is hosted on a server with other websites.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

There is a maximum amount of sites that can be hosted on a server. Typically, fewer websites than on a shared hosting account.

Dedicated Hosting

A website is the only website that is hosted on a server.

Website Hosting

Our team will work with you to determine what hosting service is the best fit for your website needs. We have the ability to host any type of website from customer e-commerce systems to the most popular content management systems based on ColdFusion, PHP or ASP/.NET.

We value your security and efficiency of your website, so all of our website hosting plans come with a CDN and SSL. 

To protect your data we back include nightly backups onsite and offsite.

CMS Hosting

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

A content management system is a way to manage the content on a website, without having to know a programming language or how to code.

We Provide
  • WordPress hosting
  • Drupal hosting
  • Joomla! hosting

Managed Hosting

Content management systems need to be maintained through updates to the theme and any widgets and plugins that they may use. These CMS updates are important to maintaining the security of your website.  This requires time, technical knowledge of how the CMS works, and how to do a backup of the website.

In this hosting package, we include maintaining all of the updates for your site, so you do not need to worry about it.

Ecommerce Hosting

ECommerce website hosting accommodates features that are required for websites that sell products/services and accept payments.

The main types of  E-commerce we host:

  • WooComerce
  • ProductCart
  • Mageneto
  • OpenCart

As we provide custom solutions for our clients, we can work with any E-commerce solution that best fits your needs.

Website Hosting

Shared & Dedicated website hosting

CMS Hosting

We host content management systems (CMS’s) such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!

Managed Website Hosting

We host and make sure your CMS stays up to date.

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