E-Commerce Hosting

Sell Your Product or Service Online

E-Commerce hosting offers a way to transform your website into an online store that is easily navigated by your clients and easily managed by you. All E-Commerce sites hosted use our primary hosting infrastructure.

Common Features of an E-Commerce Website

An E-commerce site is built like a traditional website, using a CMS (content management system) or other platforms (HTML for example) combined with a plugin, that gives the additional functionality for creating an online store.

All of our E-Commerce hosted sites come with the following elements.

Payment Processing

E-Commerce sites have the ability to process payments, including:

  1. Merchant Account
  2. Payment Gateway
  3. Payment Processing
Shopping Cart 

This is the software that allows an online retailer’s website to facilitate the purchase of services and products.  It collects payment information and distributes this information for payment processing.

Product Display / Online Catalog

Allows the user to see an organized view and information about what the online store is selling.

Increased Security Features 

Because an online store deals with payment processing, it is a requirement that additional security measures be taken to protect online transactions.  We will not host E-Commerce sites without required security measures.

  • SSL
  • PCI Compliance

E-Commerce Hosting Solutions

We will work with you to discover what your needs for E-Commerce hosting are, and determine the best solution for the creation of your online store.


An  E-Commerce plugin for WordPress.


Opensource E-Commerce solution to build unique online stores.


Adds E-Commerce functionality to any website.


Opensource E-Commerce functionality

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