Email Hosting

Offering POP3, iMAP & Microsoft Exchange hosting.

All email hosting plans are priced on the number of emails needed and storage limit needs. For a custom quote on email hosting please contact us.

POP3 Hosting

Emails are downloaded from the server to a single device (computer, cell phone, tablet) and then deleted from the server.

iMAP Hosting

Emails are stored on a server and synchronized across multiple devices

POP3/iMAP Hosting:

  • Webmail access (access email online via a URL)
  • Works across various devices
  • Antispam filtering
  • Backups of email
  • Setup support
  • Technical email support

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Our team will help you determine which type of email hosting is best for your business.

This type of hosting is right for your business if:

  • You have a larger business
  • Require file sharing
  • Require a large amount of storage

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