• September 16, 2020

Tidal Media is Catching the Green Hosting Wave

Tidal Media is Catching the Green Hosting Wave

Tidal Media is Catching the Green Hosting Wave 150 150 admin

We want to help make the world we operate in a better place, for everyone on the planet. Our goal is to make sure that we are playing our part in operating in a sustainable fashion. This includes providing our customers with green hosting!

Humble Beginnings

At the onset of Tidal Media, we knew we not only wanted to provide superior service for the best value but contribute to the betterment of the world. What started with just saving trees (through paperless billing) we are proud to say has evolved into much more.

However, paperless was not enough. We wanted to find a way to turn our main service (website and email hosting), into a sustainable service. That is why we have invested in renewable energy for our hosting.

What is Green Hosting?

As the world becomes more digital, it is only natural that green energy has been brought into the digital arena.  A company that utilizes green hosting uses data centers that operate on 100% renewable energy. 

Our Green Website Hosting

Tidal Media is proud to announce we have partnered with Switch to become an even more sustainability-focused company.

By Partnering with Switch, we are able to help reduce CO2 emissions and preserve the water supply.  Our data centers now run on 100% renewable energy. Switch received an A on the Green Peace clicking green report.

To learn more about how Switch is making a difference with renewable energy watch this video.

Vision For the Future

We are looking forward to seeing the evolution of green energy in the hosting and tech industry. Our goal for the future is to be able to incorporate more partnerships with green companies.