• October 9, 2019

The Benefits of a CDN

The Benefits of a CDN

The Benefits of a CDN 150 150 admin

A CDN, otherwise known as a Content Delivery Network, allows for improved security and website performance. Below we outline what it is, and the benefits of a CDN.

What is a Content Delivery Network?

A CDN is a service that allows websites to load faster while providing many other benefits. A CDN  is a network of servers linked together with the goal of delivering content as quickly, reliably, and securely as possible.

How a CDN Works

The network of servers has cached versions (copies) of website assets such as images and scripts. The website content will be shown to visitors from the server on the CDN that is closest to the visitor. This reduces the amount of time it takes for the website to load.

For example, a website hosted in New Hampshire but accessed from California. Parts of the website content will be delivered from a server on the CDN that is closest to the end-user, not from New Hampshire.

As a result of the benefits of a CDN, this type of service is becoming more popular among companies and organizations of all sizes.

Benefits of a CDN

The type of website and configuration of the CDN, ultimately determine the benefits it will have. However, the main benefits are a CDN can help improve:

  • Website load speed
  • Website security
  • Uptime
  • Site speeds for websites using SSL’s 
  • Bounce rates
  • Search engine rankings by helping SEO (search engine optimization)

Should Your Website Have a CDN?

If you want your website to be more reliable, secure, load faster and have a better user experience and the opportunity to improve search engine rankings, a CDN should be installed on your website. Therefore, you should consider a CND for your website if the following apply to your website:

  • Downtime or slow load speeds impact the ability to generate revenue (for an e-commerce site)
  • Peak traffic periods (Black Friday, Christmas, etc.) have a negative impact on e-commerce sites
  • Your website displays a lot of images
  • Your website offers video or streaming audio
  • Faster load times are needed

How to Get a CDN?

Tidal Media Group is a company that offers this service. If you are interested in further discussing the benefits of a CDN, have questions or want to add one to your services (whether you are a current or new customer) let us know!